(575) 521-1535
1155 S. Telshor, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Property Manager

With over 8 years of experience managing and accounting for residential and commercial properties, Leandra Davis is currently responsible for the day to day operation of a 90 unit apartment complex. She is especially innovative at keeping vacancies to a minimum.

Ms. Davis is a bulldog at converting “move-outs” into “occupied” rentals while setting records for prepping units for new tenants. Her experience in the financial and accounting side of the business helps her understand the owner’s point of view and gives her great motivation to keep the units rented. In her market, very few properties have a vacancy rate as low as her current property.

Leandra’s current duties involve advertising for new tenants, showing empty units and the grounds, accepting applications, screening those applications, deciding whether an applicant is qualified to lease at the property, writing leases, collecting deposits and rents, and staying in touch with tenants who are behind on their rent. Her positive attitude towards her property helps her get spaces rented and convincing people they want to get their rent current so they can stay in their home.

She also handles requests, comments, and complaints from tenants, routine maintenance and emergency situations at the apartments. Recently she coordinated the removal of tree roots from a leaking third floor shower drain. She is able to creatively handle many unusual situations.

Our market has an unusually high level of multifamily vacancies at this time and LeAndra is especially effective in finding tenants to fill vacancies. She will place ads in the normal media – newspapers, phone directories, and apartment living guides; but she will also use fliers, signs, web sites and other resources to generate interest. She will also create special promotions to entice tenants to move in: Ms. Davis successfully negotiated a wholesale pricing arrangement with Sears, Roebuck, Inc. to purchase flat screen TV’s and give them to new tenants when the market was especially slow.

Ms. Davis is dedicated to achieving the owner’s business goals for the property she manages; and has proven to be effective in accomplishing those goals.