Finding Commercial Property Listings in Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces is the second largest city in New Mexico and shows no signs of slowing its growth. Poised as the economic and agricultural center of the Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces offers an excellent opportunity for commercial real estate investment. Whether you are looking for commercial real estate investment properties or investing in a commercial space for your business, the professionals at NAI 1st Valley Commercial Real Estate Services can help. 

With our convenient online property listings, you can search our commercial real estate properties from anywhere in the world. To help you get started, we have compiled some information to help make your search even easier, and when you’re ready, our Licensed Brokers will be standing by to help.

Search by Property Type

Finding the right property for your business or investment portfolio has never been easier with NAI 1st Valley’s online commercial real estate listings.  

Several types of commercial real estate are available in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Each type has its unique characteristics and benefits. Knowing the type of property you want to invest in will help you quickly narrow down your options.

Commercial property options include:

  •  Multi-family Homes: duplex, triplex, quadplex, and apartment building
  • Office: office buildings, high-rises, and complexes
  • Retail: strip malls, retail establishments, big box anchor stores, community retail like groceries, restaurants, and pharmacies
  • Industrial: manufacturing spaces, and warehouses
  • Hospitality: hotel and motel 
  • Mixed Use: retail and restaurant with additional office/residential space
  • Special Purpose: theaters, bowling alleys, amusement parks, stadiums, etc. 
  • Land: undeveloped or developed, farm, ranch, pasture, orchard, and land that has previously been used commercially or industrially and is ready for reuse

Sort Search Results 

We make it convenient to narrow your property search with our drop-down menus at the top of the search page. Once you have determined what type of property you are looking for, select which offer type you’re interested in: rent, own, or both. You can sort these search results by price using the drop-down menu at the top right corner of each listing. This search option allows you to see the listings according to your priorities.

Filter by Area

Our interactive map allows you to zoom in and out of places around southern New Mexico. Lock in your preferred location with the “Draw Shapes” or “Draw Radius” tools. These tools allow you to set your search boundaries to look at properties in your selected areas.

View Photos of Each Listing

Each listing includes a photo gallery with detailed descriptions of the property’s location, features, and amenities. Here you’ll also find additional details such as square footage, number of parking spaces, and more.

Contact NAI 1st Valley

If you’re looking for commercial real estate in Las Cruces, New Mexico, we’ve got you covered! NAI 1st Valley offers various commercial properties for sale or rent in southern New Mexico, ranging from industrial buildings to retail space. Make your search easier by perusing our listings online. We provide free market analysis reports and help you make an informed decision when purchasing or selling property. Contact us today if you’re interested in buying or selling real estate in Las Cruces!