IMG_5958Just in time for a late Christmas present, NAI 1st Valley and Positive Energy threw the switch on 99 solar panels mounted on the new parking shade structure at 1155 S. Telshor and started adding energy to the grid. The project, which cost over $100,000 will reduce the electric bill for the four story office building by 25% to 30% as it produces over 25kW for an annual production of 42,000 kWh. Randy McMillan, owner of the building on Telshor, and a partner of NAI 1st Valley Realty was excited and proud of the project: “We each need to do what we can to be good stewards and this project made sense in many ways.”

Positive Energy worked with Stubbs Engineering, Triple J construction, El Paso Electric, and Connie Aguirre – property manager on site – to accomplish this challenging structure. Positive Energy President Randy Sadewic personally supervised much of the construction and is currently supervising a larger project in Santa Fe.

Now the discussion is: do we leave the Broker of the Month reserved parking spot close to the door, or out under the shade?